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Sri Lankan Parliament’s constitutional conversation around scope of their executive

On Friday October 21st, Sri Lankan Parliament passed the nations 22nd constitutional amendment narrowing the scope of presidential powers. The Amendment also prohibits foreign nationals or dual citizens from running

A New Constitutional Convention? The National Constitution Center’s Proposed Amendments

Law and political science professors across a broad ideological spectrum have come together to agree on five constitutional amendments, bringing more attention to the ongoing American constitutional conversation. The five

Court Slated to Consider Independent Legislature Theory

In Moore v. Harper, the question before the Court is “Whether a state’s judicial branch may nullify the regulations governing the “Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives …

Voters Reject Proposed Chilean Constitution

In one of the most recent and significant constitutional plebiscites, the Chilean people have rejected changes to their national constitution that would have created the greatest expansion of rights seen in a modern constitution. Center Fellows Zachary Elkins and Tom Ginsburg provided comments for The New York Times.

Experts discuss abortion law internationally after the overturning of Roe v. Wade

The Center for Constitutional Design sponsored an informative discussion on the state of abortion law around the world as part of an ongoing partnership with the National Constitution Center. Experts discussed the rapidly changing landscape in the United States and how it compares to abortion law internationally.

How Arizona’s constitutional right to privacy could impact abortion access

Executive Director Stefanie Lindquist spoke with Axios about the Arizona Constitution’s explicit right to privacy, which experts say will play a role in anticipated legal challenges to Arizona’s restrictive new abortion laws.

State Judges Are in Spotlight After Supreme Court Overrules Roe v. Wade

The Wall Street Journal reached out to Executive Director Stefanie Lindquist to discuss state courts, where judges are on the front lines, and their role following the Supreme Court’s overruling of Roe v. Wade.

State courts from Oregon to Georgia will now decide who – if anyone – can get an abortion under 50 different state constitutions

Executive Director Stefanie Lindquist writes for The Conversation about how state-level litigation and legislation will shape reproductive rights after Roe.

Just Add Water: Hydrating Human Rights in the Desert of Inequality

Center Fellow and ASU Law Professor Rhett Larson spoke at BYU’s Kennedy Center for International Studies about the underappreciated connection between water rights and inequality.

Teaching Federalism: State Sovereignty Declarations in State Constitutions

Center Fellow Sean Beienburg writes for American Political Thought about how state constitutions both declare and teach fundamental principles of American constitutional thought.

The autonomy and independence of the TEPJF must prevail in favor of democracy: specialists in national and international electoral matters (April 2022)

Executive Director Stefanie Lindquist testified before Mexico’s Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judiciary on the need for clarity and finality in the resolution of election disputes.

ASU launches Center for Constitutional Design

Executive Director Stefanie Lindquist was interviewed on Arizona PBS about the Center’s launch and the goal of helping people understand the U.S. Constitution.