A New Constitutional Convention? The National Constitution Center’s Proposed Amendments

Law and political science professors across a broad ideological spectrum have come together to agree on five constitutional amendments, bringing more attention to the ongoing American constitutional conversation. The five proposed amendments include term limits for Supreme Court justices, altering the impeachment process, granting a legislative veto to Congress, and eliminating the requirement that the president be a natural-born citizen. And, in an attempt to balance government stability and democratic legitimacy the drafters of the newly proposed amendments also seek to make the constitutional amendment process easier.

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The NCC’s Constitutional Convention Reports: The Proposed Amendments

This summer, our conservative, progressive, and libertarian teams of America’s leading legal scholars convened for a virtual constitutional convention to draft and propose a series of amendments to the Constitution. As a follow-up, leaders Caroline Fredrickson of team progressive, Ilya Shapiro of team libertarian, and Ilan Wurman of team conservative now present and discuss the amendments that all three teams adopted. Jeffrey Rosen, president and CEO of the National Constitution Center, moderates. 

National Constitution Center

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