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Promoting nationwide conversations about constitutional design.

Center for Constitutional Design

The mission of the Center for Constitutional Design is to promote nationwide conversations about constitutional reform and the advancement of constitutional democracy; to suggest ways reforms could be implemented to preserve our constitutional system; to leverage knowledge of other nations’ constitutions to better understand our own; and to convene, collaborate, and coordinate with citizens, thinkers, commentators, and institutions—nationally and internationally—to achieve these ends.

Our initiatives

Comparative Constitutional Law

There is much to learn from democracies around the world. The Center is building an international network of comparative constitutional scholars.

Fellows in Constitutional Design

The Center advances dialogue over approaches to constitutional reform and the preservation of democracy.

Our initiatives focus on three key areas

Research and innovation

The Center will develop, organize, and promote new ideas for reforming and strengthening our constitutional system, through inquiry that explores our constitution in a global and comparative perspective.


The Center will educate the public. All work of the Center, created and disseminated under the Research and Innovation projects, will be publicly available and translated to better inform the public at all levels.


The Center, through curricular development and potential litigation support, will positively impact the national dialogue over constitutional reform.

News and Announcements

  • A Rise in Federal Cases Challenging Gun Laws Across the Nation.

  • Tom Ginsburg Discusses the Power of the Israeli Judiciary

  • Sweden Enacts Constitutional Reform With Hopes of NATO Membership

Upcoming Events

Originalism and the Rights of Women

Proponents of originalism argue that judges must adhere faithfully to the meaning of constitutional texts as those texts would have been understood at the time of their adoption.  In the

February 2, 2023

The Unfortunate Consequences of a Misguided Free Speech Principle with Robert Post

Are Americans “losing their appetite for candid and constructive dialogue?” Robert Post, Yale Law professor, argues that we have misdiagnosed America’s social malady as a free speech problem, when the

February 16, 2023
Location: Beus Center for Law and Society

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