Sri Lankan Parliament’s constitutional conversation around scope of their executive

On Friday October 21st, Sri Lankan Parliament passed the nations 22nd constitutional amendment narrowing the scope of presidential powers. The Amendment also prohibits foreign nationals or dual citizens from running for office. This portion of the Amendment is deigned to stop ex-President Rajapaksa’s brother and former Finance Minister basil Rajapaksa, a United States citizen, from running for office.

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Sri Lankan lawmakers debate bill to trim presidential powers

Sri Lankan lawmakers have begun debating a proposed constitutional amendment that would trim the powers of the president, a key demand of protesters who are seeking political reforms and solutions to the country’s dire economic crisis

Under the proposed amendment, presidents could only appoint senior judges, attorney generals, central bank governors, police, election commissioners, and bribery and corruption investigators on the recommendation of the council. The prime minister would recommend Cabinet appointments, and the president would not be allowed to hold any Cabinet positions except defense.


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