The autonomy and independence of the TEPJF must prevail in favor of democracy: specialists in national and international electoral matters (April 2022)

Mexico’s Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judicial Branch (TEPJF) held a hearing April 7 to continue its modernization process by adopting updates and efficient organizational practices. ASU Foundation Professor of Law and Political Science Stefanie Lindquist, testified during the hearing and advised on the importance of publishing clear sentences, simplifying jurisdictional processes and keeping citizens informed of court decisions. The tribunal plays a critical role in Mexico’s electoral process by resolving contentious cases stemming from federal election. “In doing so, the TEPJF not only ensures that Mexican citizens’ rights to participatory democracy are fully protected, but also ensures finality to electoral outcomes,” wrote Professor Lindquist. “Because drawn-out post-election contests have the potential to undermine the legitimacy of the winner, raise doubts in the public’s mind about the integrity of the system, and create confusion within the government about how to implement policies in the short term … democracies ‘crave’ finality.”