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Taiwan’s Constitutional Referendum Fails to Pass

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How the Supreme Court Is Erasing Consequential Decisions in the Lower Courts

Attempts to reform the Israeli Judiciary

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Supreme Court May Redefine the Legal Classification of Tribal Nations This Term

Affirmative Action Cases Will be Heard by the Supreme Court This Term

Amid Transition to Democracy, Sudan Launches Constitution Academy

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State Constitutional Amendments After the Midterm

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Chinese Communist Party Unanimously Approves Set of Constitutional Amendments

China’s Communist Party enshrines opposition to Taiwan independence in its constitution- South China Morning Post China’s new Communist Party constitution mandates loyalty to Xi- NikkeiASIAChina’s Communist Party amends constitution, cementing

Sri Lankan Parliament’s constitutional conversation around scope of their executive

On Friday October 21st, Sri Lankan Parliament passed the nations 22nd constitutional amendment narrowing the scope of presidential powers. The Amendment also prohibits foreign nationals or dual citizens from running

A New Constitutional Convention? The National Constitution Center’s Proposed Amendments

Law and political science professors across a broad ideological spectrum have come together to agree on five constitutional amendments, bringing more attention to the ongoing American constitutional conversation. The five

Court Slated to Consider Independent Legislature Theory

In Moore v. Harper, the question before the Court is “Whether a state’s judicial branch may nullify the regulations governing the “Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives …

Voters Reject Proposed Chilean Constitution

In one of the most recent and significant constitutional plebiscites, the Chilean people have rejected changes to their national constitution that would have created the greatest expansion of rights seen in a modern constitution. Center Fellows Zachary Elkins and Tom Ginsburg provided comments for The New York Times.