Philippines’ House Moves to Create Body for Constitutional Reform

Philippine lawmakers push constitutional change under Marcos

The Philippines’ House of Representatives has approved the creation of a body to propose amendments to the Constitution, a major step towards changing the 36-year-old charter early into Ferdinand Marcos Jr’s presidency.

The resolution was adopted less than two weeks after it was introduced to the entire lower legislative chamber. A total of 301 out of 314 lawmakers voted on Monday (March 6) to call a constitutional convention whose members will propose changes to the nation’s highest law that’s been in effect since 1987. The measure will now move to the Senate, where it has faced early opposition.

The House proposal plans to tweak the constitution’s economic provisions to boost the country’s global competitiveness, although it does not limit the amendments that can be introduced. Some lawmakers have raised concerns that the move will pave the way towards extending Marcos’s six-year term, although the president has said changing the charter isn’t his priority.

MANILA (Bloomberg)