Supreme Court May Redefine the Legal Classification of Tribal Nations This Term

Voters Reject Proposed Chilean Constitution

In one of the most recent and significant constitutional plebiscites, the Chilean people have rejected changes to their national constitution that would have created the greatest expansion of rights seen in a modern constitution. Center Fellows Zachary Elkins and Tom Ginsburg provided comments for The New York Times.

Just Add Water: Hydrating Human Rights in the Desert of Inequality

Center Fellow and ASU Law Professor Rhett Larson spoke at BYU’s Kennedy Center for International Studies about the underappreciated connection between water rights and inequality.

Teaching Federalism: State Sovereignty Declarations in State Constitutions

Center Fellow Sean Beienburg writes for American Political Thought about how state constitutions both declare and teach fundamental principles of American constitutional thought.

Authoritarian Repression and Electoral Opposition: Mobilization under Germany’s Antisocialist Law

Center Fellow Henry Thomson writes about electoral authoritarianism in the international journal Comparative Politics.

The Law of Democratic Disqualification

Center Fellow Tom Ginsburg co-authored a California Law Review article on disqualification standards found in almost all constitutions.

Group organization, elections and urban political mobilization in the developing world

Center Fellow Henry Thomson co-authored a piece for Democratization on electoral mobilization and violence in the developing world.