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Students attending Model Constitutional Convention with their hands over their hearts.

Takeaways From the First Student-Led Model US Constitutional Convention

Of course, the Framers did not adopt Jefferson’s constitutional sunsetting approach, but they did allow for amendments that could enable new generations of citizens to imprint their new ideas and

The next wave’s amendments: Which ones will make it to ratification?

So which proposals might prevail? The factors that will determine the survivor amendments are numerous and ever-changing. However, for any amendment to reach the ratification goal line, it must address

Center’s Executive Director Speaks to PBS Horizon about the Model Constitutional Convention

Students will serve as state delegates (two from each state), engaging in debates and drafting constitutional amendments. This unique opportunity allows participants to immerse themselves in the legislative process, gaining

ASU hosts first student-led Model Constitutional Convention

Students from across the country converged on ASU’s Downtown Phoenix campus to demonstrate what collaboration and compromise can look like. After three days of deliberation and debate, the delegates passed four amendments. 

ASU interview’s Executive Director of Center for Constitutional Design for Explanation of Trump Trial

Director of ASU’s Center for Constitutional Design Analyzes Trump Indictment

Virginia Proposes Sweeping Abortion Amendment

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